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Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Music4.5 "Brand Discovery" event yesterday was well attended and provided some lively debate on the complex issues that brands face when partnering with music tech companies.

There were some compelling presentations, and you can follow the story on the Music4.5 twitter feed

The whole session was superbly moderated by Cliff Fluet of Lewissilkin who kept the discussion flowing with targeted and provocative questions.

I participated on the final panel entitled "How to get these deals away and where they fall over". You can see the slide show here.

The panel discussion sought to examine the "hard" commercial truths which are often ignored amid the "soft" issues of social media statistics. Essentially, how will the partners monetize the relationship and where are the risks that could  scupper that objective?

My recommendation is that preparation is everything if brands are to choose the right partners and establish enduring and profitable relationships in the music space. This necessitates that both parties ask tough questions of themselves and potential partners. The slides provide some example questions which I hope will be useful.

My thanks to Petra Johansson and Rassami Hok Ljungberg of Music4.5 for setting up a great event with an interesting mix of attendees.

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