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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Fmcgnews.co.uk covers the launch of Resilient Music

Fmcgnews have just written about the launch of Resilient Music!

Here's an excerpt:
With drinks marketers increasingly looking to cut costs by taking over the purchasing of products and services traditionally procured by their agencies, a new strategic music consultancy, Resilient Music, is being set up to help drinks brands take greater control of the process of sourcing and purchasing music for marketing campaigns.

In recent years, music has become an increasingly important means of helping drinks brands to engage with consumers, but there are now growing concerns over the cost of using music in marketing communications.

The company aims to help reduce the cost of using music as a branding tool by taking an approach to music sourcing that is similar to a marketing procurement consultancy - but with a specialist skill set in music.
Read the full article at www.fmcgnews.co.uk/music-and-food-an-effective-marketing-tool-cms-1189.

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